ED is to electric vehicles what petroleum is to gasoline-powered vehicles.

Simply stated, ED delivers electricity to any electric vehicle. Anywhere, Any place!

ED brings the power to electric vehicles stranded on the side of the road or whenever the vehicle owner wishes to charge their vehicle.

Whether they are at their son or daughters soccer event, a job that does not offer a charging station, a movie, or visiting family with parking that is not conducive to house-powered charging.

Gone are the days of needing to find a charging station. ED to the rescue! ED is the charging station on wheels and we bring the POWER to you. Again, ANY PLACE, ANYWHERE!

What a true American hero. Yes, we know you are not originally from America, but to tens of millions of American’s you are indeed that hero.

On a personal note Mr. Musk, you are my inspiration. Your steadfast approach to accomplishing task is impressive to say the least. Your ability to not let your human-natured fear impede your personal and business growth is truly jaw-dropping.

You are the inspiration for my new company ED. I too want to contribute to society’s trek forward to a more sustainable planet.

People like you and I and a million others believe in a better future and nothing will stop us from achieving our desired goals.

So, again, thank you sincerely for all that you have done and will do moving forward.


Brice Barrington
Founder & CEO